Alex Pinto

Psychologist and Matchmaker in Kyiv City, Kyiv, Ukraine

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My name is Alex Pinto. I am a Portuguese matchmaker and international dating expert residing in Ukraine, coaching men in a realistic assessment of their match abilities to meet and marry legit marriage-oriented Ukrainian women.

Since 2005 I've gathered the best nationwide associates building the prestige and reputation ForHimDating – Tailored Matchmaking Company has.

To reinforce authority, I initiated and co-founded the Ukrainian Matchmakers Alliance. Personally managed by me, the Alliance is a legal association to promote and regulate premium dating and matchmaking companies within the Ukrainian market best practices conduct.

With tangible results through long years of tested and proven methodology, I am committed to helping foreign men to find and match single Ukrainian women amid achievable expectations and results. I have profound knowledge and understand the importance of having an in-country experienced and tailored support to safeguard and guide foreign men to achieve their goals.

Manage expectations combined with individual match ability, and align with the female Ukrainian culture safeguarding international dating unavoidable risks is my purpose.

Through dating coaching seminars in Ukraine and abroad, and documentary films at international television channels invitation, I promote Ukrainian women's values and essential awareness about dos & don'ts to embrace the international dating scene, which unfortunately victimizes so many financially, and emotionally.

For in-depth information on this international dating phenomenon and risks, visit my YouTube channel, "Dating Ukrainian Women," with advice on best practices to succeed in dating abroad.

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