Alex Pinto

Matchmaker, Consultant, and Psychologist in Kyiv City, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Alex Pinto is a Portuguese matchmaker and dating expert, international Speaker & Consultant residing in Ukraine, coaching foreign men in a realistic assessment of their match abilities to succeed in dating abroad and marriage.

Since 2005 he has gathered the best Ukrainian affiliated companies in his work sphere, the prestige and reputation ForHimDating – Tailored Matchmaking Company has.

To reinforce authority, he initiated and co-founded the Ukrainian Matchmakers Alliance. Personally managed by him, the Alliance is a legal association in Ukraine to promote and regulate premium dating and matchmaking companies' best practices conduct.

With visible results during long years of tested and proven methodology and commitment, Alex Pinto has helped hundreds of foreign men to find their match in Ukraine within achievable results and expectations.

To manage expectations merged with individual match ability adjusted to Ukrainian culture, avoiding risks is vital.

As a foreign psychologist in Ukraine, Alex has profound knowledge and understanding of the dating market reality and the importance of having an experienced and tailored support in-country to safeguard and guide how to achieve results without emotional or financial losses.

From seminars in Ukraine and abroad on international dating reality and awareness, television channel documentaries, webinars, and mass media articles, Alex not only promotes Ukrainian women values and the crucial awareness on dos & don'ts to embrace the dating scene, but he also prepares men through Consultation Calls and Coaching to develop realistic self-evaluation and succeed by bridging market propaganda.

In a world of so often wrong perception and feelings exploitation, in-depth information on the international dating phenomenon are vital. On Alex YouTube channel, "Dating Ukrainian Women," relevant sincere, and experienced advice is publicly available, grounded on long years of tested and proven best practices to succeed in dating abroad.

Alex's work methodology is available to anyone as also some of his succeeded clients' testimonials.

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